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VersaPrint™ On-Demand Label Systems

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The patented Jeter VersaPrint™ System produces color-coded strip labels with brilliant standard or custom colors, an array of text options, and high-resolution sequential and non-sequential bar codes — on demand!

VersaPrint software products makes managing large filing systems less labor intensive and virtually eliminates misfiled documents. Integrate VersaPrint labeled folders into your current filing system with exact visual and color match, or create a new filing system tailored to your organization's needs. VersaPrint is the perfect solution for high-volume filing departments or any company that wants an easy way to generate color-coded strip labels on-demand. We can create your custom designs for you and provide the software so you can print labels when needed — it's that easy.

The Jeter Edge
After printing, the Jeter label remains flat and easy to apply. In folder conversions, the Jeter strip label repairs and reinforces damaged folder tabs, making them stronger and extending folder life. The VersaPrint System offers the versatility you expect from Jeter, produced right in your office, within your budget, without sacrificing quality or service.


Label Designs can be of various types. Here are few examples of them.

QHow do I determine the character length of a field?

A. Look at the sample data or actual data.  Find the longest string in each field of information that will be used.  This will determine the maximum character length for your label request.

Q.  What lamination options do I have for factory labels?

A.  There are two options for your laminate—Gloss & Matte finish.

Q.  If I leave a field blank in my data how does this affect the look of my design?

A.    If there is a field in the data that is left blank the part of the design that is generated by that data is blank also.  If it is an area that had hard coded, dashes, slashes etc. They will still print without any information entered in the data.

Q.  What is the difference between a Top Tab design and a Side Tab design?

A.  A Top Tab label is designed to be applied to a Top Tab folder.  The design information is rotated to be readable from left to right on the label.  The Side Tab is designed to be applied to a Side Tab of a folder.

Q. What is considered the front & back of the label?

A. The front of the label is the left side of the design.  The back of the label is the right side of the design.

Q.  Is Word Wrap an option for my text fields?

A.   Word wrap is not accomplished the way it normally is when creating documents (such as in MS-Word or other programs.)  It’s not  automatic.  You need to designate how many characters are in each field and that is what  prints in that text line.  If one data line is to generate two text lines on the label, it is needed to be  set up in the data that way. 

Example: A design has two text lines 30 characters each.  In order  NOT to have a word cut in half when the data appears on the label, the spaces need to be added in the data (since they are considered characters) to designate where splits are needed.

Q.  When I am designing a new design, what determines how many data fields I will have?

A.  The actual data gives you would be the best way to determine the total data fields for the design.  For every string of data that is expected to be on an individual label you will need a field, so it can be applied to the label.

Q.  How do I make sure the data works with my design?

A.   The best way to know if the data will work with your design is to get sample data or a portion of  the data that will be used in the production process.  The data can then be used for the sample  label to see if it looks and works correctly.

Q.  My data doesn’t match my design.  What do I do?

A.    You have 1 of 2 options.  Revise the design or manipulate data.  If data will always be submitted this way it is recommended to revise the design.  If the data is a one-time issue we can manipulate your data (additional charges will be incurred) or you can have your data fixed and resubmit.

Q.  What is the Design Approval form?

A.    It is one of the final checks for you to verify the colors, text font size, band  sizes, etc. to continue in the process of getting your order ready for production.  Once this approval has been signed by you a purchase order your order is ready for production.




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