Folder Shelving

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Folder Shelving allows businesses to economically retain and protect their file collections and supplies.  Doing so in limited space, with accessibility for day-to-day use, requires specialized filing equipment and Folder Shelving.

Attractive, easy-to-assemble, space efficient Jeter Folder Shelving has been specifically designed for this purpose.

Open shelf filing allows folders to be clearly visible and provide easy retrieval. Units utilize vertical space to maximize file storage per square foot, while keeping files within easy reach.



  Folder Shelving combines strength, function and appearance with simple assembly.  
  Low-Profile Shelf
3/4 profile allows optimum shelf centers for maximum filing capacity.
  Adjustable File Divider
Color-matching file dividers interlock into slotted shelf and backstop, yet can be quickly relocated for flexibility within the Folder Shelving.

Double-Entry Shelves
Double entry shelves reduce cost and maximize overall filing capacity for Folder Shelving..

6-tier: 64-1/4
7-tier: 76-1/4
8-tier: 88-1/4
9-tier: 97-1/4

30, 36, 42 & 48

Single Face
Letter: 12 Legal: 15
Double Face
Letter: 24 Legal: 30





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