ThinStak® Shelving

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ThinStak® open shelf filing is a space efficient filing solution. Individual tiers are stacked on top of each other to create custom, modular grow as you go filing systems.

By utilizing vertical height instead of floor space, ThinStak® can increase the amount of files stored by more than 50% in 27% less floor space! Use ThinStak® to store letter or legal file folders, X-Ray jackets, books, binders, mammograms and just about any other form of media.  


ThinStak® can be used with the Datum TambourDoor™ to lock and secure stored media to help meet HIPAA regulations.   ThinStak® tiers can be used with Datum TrakSlider™ Systems to maximize filing capacity. Start with stationary tiers in the back and lay down track and add tiers up to 4 rows deep!


Low profile shelves allow tiers to be stacked up to 8 levels high with the top tier very accessible. Tiers are available in 24", 30", 36", 42" and 48" widths to allow for maximum filing efficiency.   Datum's welded dividers ensure neat and organized folders. Divider flanges are inserted under the tier so there are no sharp edges to tear folders or fingers!


ThinStak® movable plate dividers create the perfect storage solution for binders.   Need a desk for your work? Simply add a pull out reference shelf for a quick make shift desk. When done with the desk, push the shelf back in.

ThinStak® tiers can also be used to store books, encylcopedias or any other reference material.   ThinStak® tiers are a preferred solution for red rope folders for the legal industry.


ThinStak's® modular design allows you to create storage solutions around windows, pipes and other environmental factors when they create challenges.   You can file small format patient charts or other similarly sized media with Datum's Medifile® Tier




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