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New Products
Movable Shelving USA's material handling, movable shelving, high density mobile file systems bring a unique and complete solution to your multiple storage situations that will directly contribute to lowering your costs.

Heavy Duty Z-Line Shelving
 Sturdy steel framework combined with strong steel shelving.
(More info...)

Bulk Storage Rack
Tennsco's Bulk Storage Rack has shelf capacities between 2,150 and 4,150 pounds per shelf.

(More info...)

Q-Line Heavy Duty Shelving
 Q Line Industrial Shelving is the system of choice when heavy duty steel shelves are required. (More info...)

Add-A-Stack Shelving
 Heavy-gauge steel shelving combines with durable medium density fibe(More info...)

Evidence Room Strorage
By adding a manual card or a biometric device to the system,  access to items can be limited to authorized personnel only. Once the device allows entry, the vertical carousel door is  unlocked, [more info...]

100% Made in the U.S.A. Flags

U.S.A.Flags made of Nylon, Polyester II, Cotton, Government Flags, Indoor Flags, and Pole Sleeve Flags (More info...)


Vertical Lift Modules
An automated storage and retrieval unit consisting of an extractor mechanism, located between two sections of stationary racking, inside a metal enclosure. Ideal for your material handling needs. [more info...]

Mobile Inventory Modules
Automated storage and retrieval system that reduces the number of personnel needed to deploy supplies in remote locations. Ideal for your material handling needs. [more info...]


Material Handling Controllers
Full line of controls to meet specific material handling applications and requirements for integrated carousel systems, stand-alone carousel equipment, and updating existing equipment.  Ideal for your material handling needs. [more info...]

As an authorized dealer, MovableShelving USA robotic inserter/extractors automate carousel picking and storing.

They set the industry standard for flexibility, throughput, and reliability. Ideal for your material handling needs. [more info...]


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