Datum MobileTrak5®

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  Datum's MobileTrak5® is the ultimate in space savings! By utilizing movable carriages, all but one unnecessary aisle are eliminated, allowing more space for storage or maybe more room to add workstations.

Datum's MobileTrak5®

MobileTrak5® can be used with Datum 4Post™, ThinStak®, Vu-Stak® or Stak-N-Lok™ to store just about anything, from medical records to golf clubs!

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The MobileTrak5® is perfect for the records needs of healthcare, accounting and legal organizations.


  The cost of real estate continues to increase, so why pay for expensive square footage on archival storage?   MobileTrak5® is the perfect solution for any office library and can be used for various forms of media, from encyclopedias to red rope folders.

Datum's MobileTrak5® can be used to create a custom storage solution. In this particular application flat art and other pieces are stored in a museum.
A custom made carriage reduces the number of aisles needed and increases the amount of space available for storage.

MobileTrak5® can be custom designed to fit any application. In this particular case, more than 30 carriages measuring 40 feet long were used to house archived records. The result- more than 50% floor space saving!

MobileTrak5® allowed Ligonier Country Club to reduce the size of their new maintenance/storage building. The cost of building material saved far exceeded the cost of the MobileTrak5® system.   Whenever a member needs their bag, they simply slide one of the movable shelving units to the side, grab their bag and then off to the links!


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