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Robotics - Material Handling

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White introduced its first storage and retrieval robot over 20 years ago. Building on this success, the Storbot inserter/extractor series combines the best new technology with proven results.

White Systems robotic inserter/extractors automate carousel picking and storing. They set the industry standard for flexibility, throughput, and reliability.

Please select from the following Robotics Options:

Storbot 2 Robotics
White Systems base level robotic inserter/extractor automates carousel picking and storing at a minimum cost. [more...]

Storbot 4 Robotics
White Systems series 4 automate carousel picking and storing where high throughput, large container size variations, and heavy loads are encountered.  [more...]


  • Automated full case handling.

  • Order consolidation.

  • Buffer storage.

  • Kitting.

  • Order picking.

  • WIP buffer.

  • "Lights out" or environmentally controlled storage.


  • Extremely high system throughput.

  • Accurate picking, total control of inventory.

  • Compact carousel storage reduces construction costs by eliminating unnecessary floor space.

  • Maximizes use of vertical building space.

  • Reduces maintenance, security, taxes and HVAC costs.

  • Continuous throughput despite adverse conditions such as:

    • Freezers

    • Extreme heights

    • Poor lighting

    • Around-the-clock operation

    • Static sensitive conditions

    • Environmentally controlled areas

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