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Material Handling - Evidence Room Storage

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Vertical Carousels ideal for securely storing evidence,
equipment, and more…


  • Accountability & protection of all items

  • Increases security

  • Improves productivity and reduces search &
    retrieval time with a push of a button

  • Limits access to authorized personnel only

  • Locks automatically when inactive

  • Optimizes existing storage space

  • Easy access for archives and cold cases

  • Software records all transactions of items stored in the carousel.

  • Customizable trays, totes, drawers, and pans allows storage of varying sizes of items

By adding a manual card or a biometric device to the system,  access to items can be limited to authorized personnel only. Once the device allows entry, the vertical carousel door is  unlocked, allowing the operator access to items inside the carousel.

From this

To this

Vertical carousel systems offer a level of security that’s simply not possible with other types of storage systems. Unlike shelves with rows of unprotected boxes, a vertical carousel can be locked down completely. 

Saving Floor Space:
White systems make use of space above the working floor to dramatically reduce the footprint required for  item storage, and can provide space savings of up to 90%.

White’s state of the art software packages allow barcode item tracking. Each item can be barcoded and scanned for complete inventory accuracy. Only approved personnel can access the inventory database and the software keeps track of items that are checked out. White Systems’ carousels can  also interface with  3rd party software packages.

From Police Departments to Forensic/Crime Labs to
Correction Facilities, White Carousels are useful in all departments.

  • Evidence for Cases

    • Weapons

    • Drugs

    • Jewelry

    • Clothing

  • Police issued equipment

  • Records of arrests

  • Personnel files

  • Inmate files

  • Issued uniforms

  • Lost property

  • Found/Abandon property

  • Property held pending forfeiture

  • Supplies

    • Linens & Laundry

    • Medical/Dental Supplies

    • Pharmaceutical

    • Medical records

    • Films/ Xrays

    • Tools

  • Bulk Dry Goods/ Kitchen essentials

Unfortunately there are  police evidence rooms all around the country that have property stolen or misplaced. The articles below of just a few of the many actual cases. Missing evidence has been the cause for a a number of lost court cases. White’s Vertical Carousels could have prevented this.  With the software capabilities and the secure doors on the machine, all transactions accessing the machine are logged and recorded.  Only authorized personnel are able to access assigned areas.

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