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Movable Shelving USA: Locking Tambour Door

Locking Tambour doors have been used for decades in Europe and the U.S. as a means to save space. When a locking tambour door is used in a cabinet or other type of storage system, space is created by eliminating the "swing out door" so common in today's cabinets. Browse through these pages and see the opportunities that exist when tambour becomes a part of your storage product.

Datum Locking Tambour Door
Build your own Tambour Door on-line

Jeter Locking Tambour Door
Build your own Tambour Door on-line

Matching Color Tambour Doors
Tambour doors have a textured finish in the following colors: Light Gray, Dark Gray or Ivory. Housings and guide rails are available in our standard Jeter steel colors of Beige, Gray and Oatmeal. Custom colors also available.

Tambour doors offer a unique and economical way to incorporate space saving features into your storage systems. While swing doors may be economical in the initial manufacturing stage, they are more expensive to the end user because of the needed floor space to open and close.
Tambour door, installed for side by side or vertical opening requires no such floor space, thus freeing up needed floor space. The images below show a narrow aisle that has storage cabinets with tambour doors installed. This space utilization could never occur with units installed with swing doors.

The Jeter and Datum Locking Tambour Door is a superior product in both durability and performance. It has been designed to be installed on new or existing Jeter cabinets and shelving, as well as most other brands.

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