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Movable Shelving USA
Offers high quality lockable mobile and movable shelving, material handling, file folders, color coded labels, cabinets and shelving. Our shelving is designed for record, box & inventory storage, locking tambour doors, rotary file cabinets, file carts, satellite cluster furniture and  electronic medical records.

We will be continually adding new products every month. Our primary goal is to assist you with finding the right product or products, large or small, custom or stock items you are searching for. We look forward to assisting with your needs.


Heavy Duty Die Rack
Tennsco Z Line Die Rack Unit Home and Office Shelf. The Tennsco Tool & Die Rack is the right choice for storing dies, motors, jigs, fixtures and other heavy materials.

From $241


File Transfer Carts
File Transfer Carts for movable temporary storage of files

From $250


Economy Regal Shelving
 Tennsco Regal Shelving provides strength and durability that makes it useful anywhere in your business front office, storage rooms or factory. Unlike lesser made shelves that uses tab connectors, Regal Shelving components snap together with steel shoulder rivets.

From $120

Bulk Storage Rack - Big and Heavy Duty Storage

Here's a great solution for storing bulky items. Tennsco's Bulk Storage Rack has shelf capacities between 2,150 and 4,150 pounds per shelf (depending on shelf size.

From $249


Meco Omaha Cantilever Rack Shelving Series 1000-5000

Meco Omaha manufactures five basic capacity series to fit your storage requirements from Series 1000 Medium Duty through the Series 5000 Extra Heavy Duty. Available in upright heights from 6' to 20' with 2' through 10' brace widths (measured on center).

From $249

Heavy Duty Z-Line Shelving
 Sturdy steel framework combined with strong steel shelving.



(More info...)


From $249


Movable / Mobile Shelving
High Density Storage and  Mobile Storage Systems

Material Handling
Material Handling, Horizontal Carousels, Vertical Carousels, Vertical Lift Modules.

Q-Line Heavy Duty Shelving
 Q Line Industrial Shelving is the system of choice when heavy duty steel shelves are required. (More info...)

Add-A-Stack Shelving
 Heavy-gauge steel shelving combines with durable medium density fibe(More info...)

Shelf File Cabinets and Folder Shelving

File Folders
Jeter File Folders, Smead FIle Folders, Semco, Data Visible

Jeter Systems Labels
Date Labels, Year labels, and Medical Alert Labels

Custom Design Services
Office Design and Workspace Planning Services / Web Development

Rotary File Cabinets
Ez2 Rotary Action File, Movable Times 2 Speed Files

Professional Services
Filing Systems and Supplies
End Tab Products , Top Tab Products, Filing Accessories, Indexes and File backs, Radiology Supplies, etc...( More info...)


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