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Meco Omaha Cantilever Rack Shelving Series 1000-5000
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Cantilever rack and accessories and heavyweight structural cantilever rack

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MECO OMAHA Structural Pallet Rack is designed in accordance with AISC and RMI Standards. Upright frames and load beams are fabricated from structural channel with a minimum yield of 36,000 PSI. Beams are secured to the upright frames with plated, heavy duty bolts and nuts—cannot be dislodged by forklift impact; installation is fast and easy with no special tools required. A wide range of frame heights, depths, beam lengths and load capacities is available to meet the most demanding storage requirements. Custom pallet rack is designed by a dedicated engineering staff using state-of-the-art CAD technology and years of experience. UPRIGHT FRAMES • Rigid, all-welded uprights provide storage capacity up to 52,200 lbs. per frame. Select the height of upright frames according to existing ceiling heights, sprinkler systems, and forklift limitations. Frame depth is determined by the length of the pallet: Standard pallet overhang is 3″ front and back. The stated capacity of upright frames is based on a maximum vertical beam spacing of 60″. A vertical beam spacing of less than 60″ will result in the same stated capacity. The vertical beam spacing includes the distance from the floor to the top of the lowest pair of load beams. If a vertical beam spacing greater than 60″ is required, contact your MECO OMAHA representative to determine upright frame capacity. Frames are punched on 4″ centers for maximum beam adjustability.
LOAD BEAMS • Special bracket allows 2″ adjustability up and down the frame. When selecting the appropriate beam length, add a minimum of 10″ to two pallet widths or 14″ to three pallet widths. Additional spacing may be required for pallets with excessive load overhang. Using the Load Beam Table of Capacity, select the pair of beams of the proper length and capacity making sure not to overload the beams. NOTE: Capacities are based on a uniformly distributed load over a pair of beams and are in accordance with AISC and RMI Standards. Deflection does not exceed 1/180 of the beam length. Load beams and related beam braces are sold as an integral unit.

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