Case Studies for Movable Storage

Case Studies for The York County Archives

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The York County Archives (YCA), in York, Pennsylvania are responsible for the storage of many types of media. The YCA was looking to update their stationary filing system when moving from the County Courthouse to a remodeled storage building. They turned to Datum Filing Systems to make the best use of their available space, while still allowing them the ability to store the various types of media they require.


The YCA chose a mechanical assist MobileTrak5® System equipped with 4Post™ Shelving. Datum’s versatile 4Post™ shelving provided the archives with the flexibility to store different types of media. The system utilizes more than sixty carriages to store end tab file folders and archive storage boxes. Even though some of the carriages measure more than thirty feet long, they can still be moved with a simple turn of the handle, thanks to MobileTrak5®’s optional mechanical assist. The YCA also allocated additional carriages for future expansion of filed materials.

moveable product