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Case Studies for Auglaize OHIO

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When several municipalities in Auglaize, Ohio, were moving into a newly constructed building together, they realized they had a pressing storage concern on their hands. How would they combine multiple departments' individual storage needs into a joint filing room consisting of bulky ledger books and top-tab file folders? They turned to Datum Filing Systems to create a solution that addressed the individual departments' filing needs.


To create a shared filing room, the department heads of the Auglaize Municipalities chose a MobileTrak5® System with 4Post™ Shelving. MobileTrak5® Systems replace multiple aisles with a single moveable aisle, resulting in more available storage space. 4Post™ Shelving is a versatile product with adjustable shelves that allowed Auglaize the flexibility to store the departments' various medias in one central location. Additionally, if the municipalities need to relocate their filing rooms, they can take the MobileTrak5® Systems with them, since, unlike grout systems, they require no permanent attachment to the floor. In order to store the municipalities' extensive number of ledger books, Datum incorporated EZ Roller shelves onto standard 4Post™ Shelving. In addition to offering convenient access to the bulky books, the EZ Rollers maintain the integrity of the books by eliminating damage caused by retrieving and returning the books from traditional stationary shelves. The municipalities wanted to keep their current top-tab file folders. Rather than change filing formats, Datum added rollout drawers that converted the 4Post™ Shelving, usually utilized with end-tab folders, into drawers to house the municipalities' existing top-tab folders. By combining traditional storage elements along with custom-created features, Datum Filing Systems created a unique solution tailored to the needs of the Auglaize County Municipalities.

moveable product